Accent Community College Scholarship: A Storybook Adventure

This week, Accent Community College Scholarship recipient Megan Jones describes her initial feelings upon first arriving in Florence and the academic and personal benefits that come from studying art and history in context.

My first few days in Italy were a whirlwind of emotion. This trip marked my first time traveling outside of North America, and I had no idea what waited for me after stepping off my plane and boarding my train. What I discovered was a beautiful city called Florence.

My walk from the station to the Accent Center was absolutely beautiful; it was as if, when I exited the train, I had entered a storybook. I walked down cobblestone streets, over bridges, and past a variety of shops that were established long before my hometown in California was even founded. At Accent, I quickly grew close to six other girls in my program who’d felt just as nervous about being abroad as I did. What studying in Florence taught us is that we are all braver than we had ever realized.

So far, what I’ve enjoyed most about being in Florence are the adventures I’ve had the chance to be a part of!  Our class went on a private walking tour of Old Florence and the Uffizi Gallery, and I absolutely loved seeing things I’d only read about in textbooks come to life before my very eyes.

Besides being rich in history, Florence also serves as a central hub for visiting all sorts of different cities across Italy.  In the last ten days since the start of our program, my friends and I have already visited Viareggio, Pisa, and all of the coastal cities that make up Cinque Terre! When I’m not out shopping or gallivanting across the Italian countryside, I’m busy studying Italian at the Accent Center in Piazza Santo Spirito.

I am so glad I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and travel to Florence. I can’t wait to see what the next week will bring!~Megan Jones, Orange Coast College’s Summer in Italy Program

Accent is proud to support the Community College Scholarship as part of our commitment pledge to IIE Generation Study Abroad, a nationwide effort to help more U.S. students gain international experience through study abroad programs.

Studying abroad is an amazing way to expand your horizons and experience growth. Explore your options with Accent to take your first step into a new and exciting journey.