Accent Global LearningCOVID-19  Protocol 

***This protocol is currently in place for Spring 2024 programs and will be updated periodically as the situation evolves.***

*Due to the frequent changes in Covid-19 related restrictions in Accent locations this document is subject to change.

As of May 1, 2023 Accent does not require proof of Covid-19 vaccination for participation in our programs. Accent strongly recommends participants be up to date with Covid-19 vaccination, pursuant to CDC guidelines. We will continue to monitor the global health situation and update our policies with any changes necessary to ensure the safety and quality of our academic programs.

Please note:  According to current Spanish entry regulations, participants on programs in Spain will need to bring proof of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 or a negative Covid-19 test for entry to the country. More details on entry requirements will be provided by Accent via the Accent Enrollment Portal.

 Covid-19 Moving Forward

In the United States and in each of the countries where Accent operates Covid-19 containment and elimination strategies are for the most part no longer in place. Even though further case waves and viral variants are expected to occur, in this post-acute phase of the pandemic the impact on society and individuals due to Covid-19 is expected to diminish over time. Covid-19 is becoming more manageable due to the numbers of vaccinated individuals and availability of vaccines, a high number of recovered individuals as well as more effective treatment options.

As we shift into the new phase of the pandemic, as is most appropriate, Accent will continue to align our Covid-19 policies with those of the local health authorities in each location.  We will continue to implement and advise students on any local vaccination, Covid-19 testing, mask or isolation requirements and support students as best as possible in fulfilling these while participating in the courses and program activities.

Accent will treat Covid-19 like any other potentially infectious illness and apply any isolation and quarantine standards required by local health authorities. As should be done with any contagious disease, if an individual is experiencing symptomatic disease/illness, they should not come to class or work until those symptoms fully resolve regardless of local guidelines. Should there be circumstances where local guidelines appear lacking, our local teams will apply more stringent requirements as they deem necessary according to the health situation at their location. Accent will also provide students with self-isolation instructions recommended by the CDC and local health authorities such as mask-wearing and ventilation to students experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.  As for all student health and illness issues, Accent provides contact information for on-site English-speaking doctors, provides emergency support and informs students on how to keep up with any missed academic sessions or assignments.

Accent continues to strongly recommend all program participants are up to date on their Covid-19 vaccinations to reduce the risk of infection and serious illness.  Accent maintains daily sanitization and frequent ventilation of all Study Center classrooms and common spaces.  In addition, Accent continues to prioritize vigilance in monitoring the Covid-19 situation in each location and within the Accent community in order to keep partner universities, students and faculty informed and to implement contagion mitigation measures as deemed necessary on-site by the Accent Health and Safety team.

Medical Care

Accent staff in each city partner with local practitioners to guarantee the quickest medical care and advice.

Med in Action –

Med in Action –

Med in Action –

Doctolib –

SOS Medecins –

HM Hospitales – London:

London Doctor Clinic –

Self isolation instructions for students experiencing Covid-19 symptoms

-Remain in bedroom and leave the room only for reasons of strict necessity (access to bathroom) When leaving your bedroom at any time you must wear a surgical mask to pass through common areas.

-If you share a bedroom with another program participant, the roommate should spend as little time as possible in the room, ensure the beds are at least 1.5 meters apart and ventilate the room as frequently as possible.  Roommates should keep belongings separate.

-If you must be in the same space with another person, wear surgical mask and maintain social distance of 1.5-2 meters.

-Keep windows open for proper ventilation

-When leaving the room to access the bathroom wear a surgical mask at all times when out of your room, except when showering, washing, etc.

-Before using any common space or shared bathroom wipe every surface with chlorine-based cleaning solution and paper towels and dispose of paper towels

-Wipe down all surfaces with spray disinfectant solution after use of shared space/bathroom

-Other occupants should wait 15 minutes before use of any shared space after last use

-If receiving ordered food, supplies, pre-pay online, have the person leave the items at the door, wait to open the door until the person has left

-Wash hands regularly, or clean with hand sanitizer between washings and regularly clean room surfaces and high frequency use areas (door handles, light switches, computer keyboard, phone) with sanitizing cleanser.

-Speak with friends, family, Accent staff regularly via Zoom, video chat, phone or email.

-Keep your own set of glass/dishes/utensils and wash vigorously with soap and water after each use

-Consider calling the Mindhamok 24/7 Help line if you suffer from feelings of anxiety, isolation, depression, etc.


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