Accent Madrid: Calle Pez' Secret Garden

This week, Accent Madrid’s Programs Coordinator Megumi Ratliff tells the story of a unique community garden in Madrid’s Malasaña neighborhood.

The hip, bustling neighborhood of Malasaña is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas in the city to grab a bite to eat or go out for locals, tourists, and students alike. Walking down one of its most emblematic streets, Calle Pez, you’ll find an array of cafés, restaurants, and bars, as well as a surprising burst of greenery.

Artist Juan Pérez, who has lived in the neighborhood for several decades, wanted to make the area greener, and also encourage people to be more conscious and not leave trash and cigarettes on the streets. What started off as a few planters placed around the street has become a much bigger project. Now, the artist uses old trousers and shoes as flower pots to display his plants.
It’s definitely worth taking a stroll down Calle Pez and— you never know— you may even see Juan or the other neighbors watering and cultivating this thoughtful community garden that is meant for all to enjoy.

~Megumi Ratliff, Accent Madrid

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