Accent on Instagram: Summer 2019 in Review

With the launch of our Instagram pages in late 2017, Accent has given more and more students the opportunity to share their unique experiences studying abroad. Each photo opens a window into the many services Accent provides its partners, from customized visits with local industry leaders to interdisciplinary course content covering everything from STEM subjects to the arts to public policy. Today’s post highlights some of the unique offerings provided by Accent’s extensive connections to academia, business, and local culture. Take a look back at what Accent has offered this summer to students from around the country.



Accent Madrid – Entrepreneurship and Economy, Post-War

This summer, students from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis explored the economic landscapes of Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on economic growth in the wake of major political upheaval. This photo was taken in the city of Mostar, on a study tour to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Stari Most bridge, destroyed during the Bosnian War and rebuilt in 2004, left the city divided into two parts, one East-Bosniak and one West-Croat. Despite efforts to unite the city, half of Mostar has experienced tremendous economic growth, while the other half stagnates. The visit made a strong impact on the students, who saw first-hand the lasting economic and cultural effects of war.


Accent Rome – Culture, Creativity, and the “Made in Italy” Brand

Each summer, University of Kansas students travel to Rome to study brand awareness and communications through the lens of the “Made in Italy” brand. Students learn how culture and branding intertwine, meeting with local businesses and consultants to explore the multifaceted nature of international marketing.

This June, these students met with consultants from Barabino & Partners, one of the leading firms for Communications and PR in Italy. The group discussed the role of strategic communications, crisis management, and culture in the era of social media. The meeting finished with a video call from a spokesperson from B&P’s New York office, inviting the students to intern for them.


Accent Paris – Afrobeat at Studio MRG

This year, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor collaborated with Accent to launch their “African Diaspora in Paris” course. With a focus on Afro-French history, this program of 17 students was led by professor Annette Joseph-Gabriel, who specializes in the literary and political contributions of the African diaspora in Francophone countries. This May, students visited Studio MRG, where they attended a lesson on Afrobeat, a fusion of West African musical styles critical to the formation of modern jazz. Studio MRG’s philosophy is that the key to learning to dance is passion, and these students exemplified that, not only in this dance class, but throughout their work on this program.

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