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We start by understanding your goals. Once we know what you want to accomplish, we propose solutions and can be involved in their design and implementation as much or as little as possible.

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Signature Semesters

Developed in partnership and branded by your university, these customized semester programs are designed to meet the curricular needs of your students through topical and experiential coursework. Signature Semesters are a tool to further your mission, raise the profile of education abroad on campus, and increase participation in global learning. We partner with you to develop the program that best achieves these goals from thematic curricula for targeted cohorts to multi-disciplinary semesters with wide appeal across campus.

Specialized Programs

In response to needs posed by our partners, these programs demonstrate our expertise in developing resources and exploring new opportunities including new destinations and innovative program models. We conduct extensive research before proposing a new program idea or model, often contacting potential faculty in new cities on behalf of the U.S. university to pitch and then, in collaboration, to develop the idea.

Faculty-Directed Programs

Accent partners on numerous programs directed by an institution’s own faculty. Often, these are short-term summer programs. We are sensitive to the level of support faculty may need, ranging from program design to enrichment through our local networks to simply providing logistical, housing, health and safety management. Many times, these programs evolve in ways that reflect deepening relationships between the U.S. faculty program director, Accent, and our local faculty and docents.

Internship Programs

Accent approaches each internship program as a unique project. Internships and service learning can be integrated into a wider program or developed into a stand-alone program. With our partnering U.S. university, we evaluate student skill sets, learning outcomes, and professional goals. Our Study Centers have in-house internship coordinators that source, place, and mentor interns. In other instances, we work with local professionals and Accent faculty who build networks in specialized fields related to the students’ academic and professional interests.