My People Around the World

This week, we meet Assistant Programs Coordinator Anna Malloni, who recently joined our Accent Rome Team. Anna has studied abroad in a variety of places and finds that the most rewarding part of traveling is meeting new people along the way.

Erlend is a Norwegian-Colombian Engineering student, passionate about Japanese language and culture and taekwondo. Germán is a Mexican musician who decided to move to Norway and study to become a special education teacher. Guadalupe is an Argentinian girl who uses every single moment of her free time to pursue her dream of launching a clothes brand. Thilini is a PhD Biology student from Sri Lanka, always happy to tell you about the beautiful white beaches and the tea fields you can visit in her country.

These are only a few of the people I met while studying abroad. My name is Anna, and I just graduated with a degree in English and Spanish Translation and I have recently become the new Assistant Programs Coordinator at the Accent Rome Study Center. I am constantly saving money for theater tickets and trips: given my passion for traveling, in 2014 I decided to spend a semester at the Universitetet i Oslo in Norway. Then in 2016 I took a six-week Latin American language and culture course at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina. No doubt I could spend many words trying to describe the diversity of the landscapes I saw, the flavor of the food I tasted, the colors and the sounds of the cities I visited, but it would only make me a tourist.

The people I met, the people I soon found myself calling “my people,were an endless source of surprise, confrontation, and learning. When packing my stuff for Norway or Argentina, I would have never imagined that leaving my comfort zone would bring me so many amazing experiences. Each story I heard, each friendship, each new perspective made me appreciate diversity and pushed me toward new personal projects.

Once back in Italy, I started to look for international environments in my own country. At that point, Rome, the city where I had moved two years earlier to study, seemed totally different. I realized it was the perfect place to keep looking for new people with inspiring stories. After two years, it became the place where I found my job at the Accent Study Center, where I have the chance to be part of many students’ study abroad experience. I have the chance to be a part of their stories.


~ Anna Malloni, Accent Rome Study Center

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