Accent Community College Scholarship

Beginning with its first community college partnerships in California in 1991, Accent has continued to offer affordable short-term and semester-length custom study abroad programs designed to meet the unique academic needs of the community college population. Through these efforts, Accent has enabled over 8,000 students from more than 25 U.S. community colleges to study abroad over the past 25 years. Each academic year, Accent partners with community colleges to design and support custom study abroad programs, which send approximately 200 students abroad annually.

Building on this long partnership with U.S. community colleges, Accent is pleased to announce its Community College Scholarship program as our pledge to increase access to study abroad among underrepresented students. In partnership with our travel agent, FROSCH Student Travel, Accent will offer multiple merit and need-based scholarships of up to $3000 in value for each semester study abroad program, and up to $2000 in value for each short-term program with Accent. The scholarships will launch in Spring 2018.

The goal of this initiative is twofold: to increase access to study abroad for community college students; and to continue placing organizational resources to address a critical gap in study abroad programming. In addition to scholarship funds and continued outreach and support, Accent will offer a series of free webinars for other community college faculty and administrators who are seeking to learn more about the process of developing a customized study abroad program, sharing over 25 years of knowledge and collaboration in this area. Through these efforts, Accent hopes to double the number of community college students we send abroad annually.

Accent believes that international education is a critical element in today’s globally interconnected world, and is committed to increasing access to study abroad for students from diverse educational, ethnic, and social backgrounds.

More information about the application process is available on Accent’s website.