All Roads Lead to Luxury

“Exclusivity does not always translate to luxury. Rather, luxury is about the deep and intimate connection between entity and atmosphere, person and landscape.” This philosophy, typically Italian in its construction, is behind the new Bruno Codispoti clothing brand. Students from the University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism recently had the opportunity to learn about Bruno Codispoti as part of a series of lectures and visits within their spring semester program in Rome, designed to highlight “Made in Italy” communication and marketing strategies.

Last week, Accent Rome hosted brand founders Leonardo Bruno and Edoardo Codispoti, two old friends who decided to fulfill a dream and launch a tailoring company, aiming to reinvent the past with new ideas.

Bruno Codispoti creations are one of a kind, each suit made with rare and prized textiles, artisan decorations, natural dyes, and hand-quilted canvases between each layer. However, the real strength of their work is the network of masterminds behind the creation of these limited-edition sartorial suits and the high-level of customization of each piece. As they described during the visit, each piece reflects creativity, research, and quality, balancing experimentation and tradition.

Keeping in mind the program’s main academic themes, Leonardo and Edoardo focused the discussion on their unusual marketing and communication strategy, which happens mostly offline. They explained that, even in the fashion and design world, you can decide not to follow the ‘rules’ of business and marketing, and can still be competitive even without a strong digital presence.

The Bruno Codispoti brand strategy is based on a direct synergy with the client, inviting selected customers to private expositions, choosing exclusive villas and historical buildings for small exhibitions to showcase their work, and bringing an itinerant tailoring service directly to clients.