Accent Community College Scholarship Recipients – Summer 2018

Beginning with its first community college partnerships in 1991, Accent has continued to offer affordable short-term and semester-length custom study abroad programs designed to meet the unique academic needs of the community college population. Through these efforts, Accent has enabled over 8,000 students from over 25 U.S. community colleges to study abroad over the past 25 years.

Accent is pleased to announce the recipients of our Summer 2018 Accent Community College Scholarship. These students have received scholarship awards to support their study abroad experiences in Accent-supported programs across Europe. The Community College Scholarship is part of Accent’s commitment pledge to IIE Generation Study Abroad, a nationwide effort to help more U.S. students gain international experience through study abroad.

Leighanne Clitheroe
Orange Coast College | Summer in Paris 2018
“Bonjour, je m’appelle Leighanne Clitheroe. Pardon my French, but I just can’t wait to go to France! I live in Huntington Beach, California. I am the Vice President of the French Club at Orange Coast College. I am studying for an Early Childhood Education major with plans to transfer to San Diego State and pursue a double major in French. I plan to become an au pair for two years in France, and continue being a nanny when I return to the US. Eventually, I would like to become either a preschool or French teacher. I hope to become a published author one day of YA novels about travel and adventure. The study abroad program will be an important stepping stone to my career plans and future goals. I am so excited that because of Accent and their scholarship, I finally have the opportunity to journey to Paris and fulfill a lifelong dream.”

Patricia Dominguez
Golden West College | British History and Culture Summer in London 2018
“Hello! My name is Patricia Dominguez. I am a native of Huntington Beach, CA and an active Nursing Major at Golden West College. With a passion for traveling, I am very excited to be studying abroad in London not only to experience a new culture, but to immerse myself in the history of where nursing began. I believe this experience will broaden my knowledge and help me develop a new growth in my career plans and my desire to make a difference in the world. I am grateful for the Accent Scholarship, which will help me receive a new appreciation for other countries and a perspective that I could not find in the classroom alone.”

Francisco Edeza
Golden West College | British History and Culture Summer in London 2018
“My name is Francisco Kazuhiro Edeza and I am a student at Golden West College. I am a history major with plans to become a high school teacher someday. Once I reach that goal, I hope to continue my education and eventually become a college professor. I grew up with very little knowledge about my family’s history; as a result, I spent years tracing the roots of my culturally diverse family. During that quest for understanding, I fell in love with world history as I dove into the histories of several different countries. I am more than thrilled to be able to travel to London to study British and Irish history because it will provide a new perspective on everything I’ve read for years. Furthermore, I look forward to having access to landmarks and museums in the United Kingdom. This opportunity to study abroad in London will allow me to fully immerse myself in another country’s culture and history, and will benefit my future, as I will be able to better explain to future students the importance of fully understanding another country’s culture, motives, and aspirations. Although this program will only last a month, the knowledge I will acquire from it will last a lifetime when I become a history teacher, and I have the Accent Community College Scholarship to thank for that.”

Kate Gallant
College of the Canyons | Summer in Paris 2018
“I’ve grown up in Santa Clarita, CA and have been attending College of the Canyons for around two years now. I started out as an English major, but after taking American Sign Language and French classes I discovered an absolute love for language. I am currently majoring in Humanities, as this encompasses my curiosity for the literature, films, languages, etc. that make up all these different cultures around the world. My dream is to be fluent in French, ASL, and Spanish, and having never traveled outside the country before, my desire to travel has always been at the forefront of my goals. I am so grateful for this scholarship as it helps me visit countries where I can experience a different way of living and viewing the world.”

Charley Hunter
Santa Barbara City College | Art History and Architecture Summer in Paris 2018
“My name is Charley Hunter and I am a full time student at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, so I have been exposed to a variety of different local artists and designers that have inspired me to want to enter the competitive art scene. My current major is an emphasis in studio art, but I’m looking towards a Bachelor of Architecture as well. The Visual Arts and Design Academy at my past high school and the opportunities at SBCC have given me the chance to share my ideas and passion as a young artist with a growing audience. Studying abroad, especially in the city of Paris, will expand my knowledge and fervor for the arts, giving me the opportunity to see everything I’ve studied in textbooks and online, in person! I can’t wait to go beyond the small town of Santa Barbara and enter the city where Degas observed his little dancers and Monet his water lilies! Thank you, ACCENT!”

Salina Lozano
Orange Coast College | Summer in Florence 2018
“My name is Salina Lozano and I’m a part-time student at Orange Coast College. My major is biology, and I want to pursue a career in the medical field as a doctor. I was born and raised in Orange County, California my entire life. I value the perks of living near the ocean, which is only is a drive away! I enjoy practicing yoga, swimming, and going on runs. Not only am I thrilled to be given the chance to go on this adventure of a lifetime, but to be able to experience this trip alongside my best friend of nineteen years. I look forward to being captivated by the beautiful country of Florence, Italy and its enriching culture. I’m extremely grateful for this ACCENT Scholarship; it’s giving me the opportunity to be able to experience a combination of growth as a person and to travel outside of the United States for the first time.”

Fatima Martinez-Leon
Orange Coast College | Summer in Madrid 2018
“I am currently a student at Orange Coast College. I will receive my Brokers license and a certificate in entry level accounting. My plans for higher education do not end here, as I hope to further develop my knowledge by transferring to a four-year university, where I will pursue a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters in International Business. During the present semester, I am taking 22 units and currently hold three jobs that cumulatively equate to full-time employment. I frequently engage in community service projects throughout Orange County, including volunteering at my church. In a few months, I will study in Madrid for the summer semester. I am very honored to have been awarded this scholarship. Not only will I be able to study international business, but the experience will enable me to strengthen my knowledge of both written and spoken Spanish. Being given the blessing to study and intern abroad will not only give me an international perspective in business, but also expose me to new cultural experiences and offer an important view into the beauty and uniqueness each place in our small world possesses. I believe there is great importance in understanding our history and future through a global lens. It is important to learn to appreciate what makes every country so uniquely different and yet how it all makes us the same.”

Kayla Mercure
Orange Coast College | Summer in Paris 2018
“Hi! My name is Kayla Mercure. I’m a full-time student at Orange Coast College and an avid artist and musician. I’m a Communication Studies major with an emphasis in public speaking, and I hope to one day coach collegiate speech and debate because I’ve been so inspired by my own coaches here. I was born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, but I was fortunate enough to move to southern California 3 years ago to experience an entirely new lifestyle and culture. Here, I have been able to refine my taste for adventure and desire to travel abroad. I cannot express enough gratitude at the opportunity I have been given through the Accent program to study in the incredible city of Paris, because I have a feeling it will change my life.”

Alejandro Morales
Orange Coast College | Summer in Madrid 2018
“Hi, my name is Alejandro Morales and I am a current student at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. I was born and raised in Santa Ana, California. I started off going to OCC as a music major and ended up getting my Associate in Arts degree in 2012. At OCC, I learned skills that made me fall in love with California. I learned how to apply my music classes into my everyday life, I was able to record a full length album and play all over Southern California with my band. I also learned how to shoot and develop film/digital photography, which engaged me to go out into the world and experience it in a whole new way. Now I’ve come back to OCC to start the next chapter of my life as an Engineering major. I applied to the study abroad program because I’ve always wanted to explore and get to know the world. I am very thankful for the opportunity that Accent is giving me. With this scholarship, I will be given the chance to get to explore Spain and hone my Spanish, my first language.”

Elizabeth Snyder
Orange Coast College | Summer in Florence 2018
“I’m Elizabeth Snyder, a second year Literary Journalism major at the University of California, Irvine, originally from Sacramento, California. During the school year, I work with the Democrat’s Club and the English Major’s association on community building and career development projects. When I’m not in class or attending campus organizations, I love to read and write. I plan to study abroad this summer to improve my proficiency in Italian, and open up a new body of work in Italian to create and enjoy in the future. Besides my involvement on campus, I also love running, playing the violin, and spending time with my cat, Gracie.”

Jose Vazquez
El Camino College | Summer in Madrid 2018
“My name is Jose Vazquez. I am a first-generation college student attending El Camino College full-time. After joining the work force out of high school, I realized that I wasn’t living up to my full potential, so I decided to pursue a higher education and enrolled at El Camino College as a Psychology major. I enjoy listening to music, playing soccer, and being outdoors. Previously I have only traveled to Mexico City and enjoyed every bit of it, therefore I am excited for the adventure that lies ahead in Spain. At the moment, it still feels surreal, but once I am there, I will take advantage of this opportunity and try to experience as much as possible while immersing myself in a different culture. Thank you, Accent! Hola Madrid!”