New Accent Sicily Center for Field Studies

We are proud to announce the opening of the Accent Sicily Center for Field Studies, in partnership with the Syracuse Academy. Ideally positioned in the heart of Ortygia, the historic city center of Syracuse, the Center is located in the extraordinary Palazzo Beneventano and just steps away from the city’s main Cathedral, the Greek Temple to Athena, and the Mediterranean Sea.

For more than four years, Accent and Syracuse Academy have collaborated to design and support successful semester and faculty-directed programs in Sicily. The expansion of our partnership reflects Sicily’s rich potential for innovation in education abroad and a shared desire to provide students with challenging and engaging experiential learning opportunities in an environment emblematic of the historic, social, and cultural complexity of the Mediterranean.

The region’s vast resources, with numerous NGOs, research centers, and specialists across academic areas, make it the ideal location for hands-on, collaborative global learning. Sicily provides an ideal classroom to explore numerous disciplines, including:

  • Environmental Studies, Volcanology, and Marine Ecology
  • Human Rights and Migration
  • Classics and Archaeology

We’d be happy to connect with you and your team to discuss new programming opportunities in Sicily.