New STEM Partnerships in Italy and France

Accent has taken advantage of the last year to build on our extensive networks and experience, exploring new opportunities for our U.S. partners in our European locations. In Italy and France, these conversations have led to many new potential program and partnership opportunities in STEM disciplines. Partnership with Accent allows STEM departments to develop financially sustainable international programs of the highest caliber.  

Rome – Public Health with Sacro Cuore Catholic University (UniCatt) 
UniCatt’s School of Medicine and Surgery is one of Italy’s top medical schools. Their associated Policlinico Gemelli University Hospital is Rome’s top hospital, a national center for oncology, and the Italian national leader for clinical trials. Each summer, they offer two health courses in English: Epidemiology and Healthcare Policy. Building on one or both Unicatt courses, Accent partners are developing summer 2022 programs that also include courses taught at Accent by U.S. or local faculty, study tours throughout Italy exploring health and the history of medicine, and experiential learning activities that build on an extensive network of faculty and experts in Rome. 

Paris – Computer Science at ISEP School for Digital Engineers 
ISEP is one of France’s top-ranking graduate schools of Engineering with an exclusive focus on digital engineering disciplines: electronics, telecommunications and network engineering, software engineering, and signal-image processing. Together with Accent, they offer customized summer programs with coursework taught by ISEP faculty in English. Courses could be adapted from the ISEP course catalogue or designed to replicate U.S. curriculum.  

Sicily – Earth Science including Volcanology and Marine Ecology 
Together with U.S. partners, Syracuse Academy, local faculty, and research institutes in Sicily, Accent is developing various new program models and courses that explore earth science disciplines through field studies and experiential learning. Sicily is a natural laboratory. From the volcanic activity of Mount Etna in the north, to the Plemmirio Marine Reserve in the south, students will explore this dynamic Mediterranean environment, in-situ, through programming in volcanology, marine ecology, sustainability and agriculture, and more. [link to other article from this newsletter] 

Paris – Physics at Sorbonne University Pierre et Marie Curie
Sorbonne University Pierre et Marie Curie is France’s premier institution for science studies. The campus is located in the central 5th arrondissement, just a short walk across the Seine from Accent Paris. The Physics Department is enthusiastic to develop and teach high-level physics coursework in English for select Accent partners. Courses would be taught in Sorbonne Pierre et Marie Curie classrooms and labs by local faculty. Syllabi can be based on U.S. campus curriculum or completely customized, and incorporated in either summer or semester programs.  

Florence – Architecture, Industrial Design, Urban Planning with University of Florence
Together with the University of Florence Architecture Department (DIDA), Accent is creating customized semester and summer programs for students of architecture and design disciplines that represent a rare opportunity for true cultural and academic integration in Florence. Customized courses, taught in English, may be adapted from DIDA’s course catalogue or the U.S. curriculum, or newly designed to meet students’ curricular needs and interests while highlighting the rich architectural resources in Florence. U.S. faculty may also teach their own courses in University of Florence studios and laboratories.   


Faculty-directed STEM programs – Experience matters
For more than 30 years, Accent has been a faculty-directed program leader. We are sensitive to the level of support faculty may need, ranging from program design and enrichment through our local academic networks to simply providing logistical, housing, health and safety management. Some areas in STEM for which we have developed extensive resources include:  

  • Civil Engineering – Rome 
  • History of Neuroscience – Florence, London 
  • Agriculture & the Environment – Madrid, Rome, Florence, Sicily 
  • Comparative Healthcare Systems – London 
  • History of Health & Disease – Florence, Rome, London 
  • Physics – Paris 
  • Architecture studio courses – Madrid, Rome, Florence Sicily 
  • Nursing – Madrid, Paris 
  • Historical Perspectives on Mental health – London, Florence  
  • Healthcare Innovation – Paris  
  • Nutrition & the Mediterranean Diet – Sicily, Rome, Florence, Madrid 
  • Astronomy – Paris  
  • Science & the Humanities – Florence 
  • Science & Religion – Rome 
  • Science in the Age of the Enlightenment – Paris   

 If your institution is interested in learning more about one of these STEM programming opportunities, please reach out today to start the conversation at