Participant Portal FAQs

Following are frequently asked questions regarding the Accent participant portal,
please contact Accent Global Learning if you have any additional questions.

Accent Global Learning is a study abroad organization working with the college or university through which your study abroad program is being sponsored. The Accent U.S. Office works with schools and students throughout the pre-departure phase of the program. The Accent Study Centers in Paris, Florence, London, Madrid, Rome and Field Study Center in Sicily serve as a home base for students on the programs, with staff available to assist with cross-cultural issues, living abroad and all aspects of the programs.

The information requested in the Enrollment Forms is used to coordinate aspects of your study abroad program such as housing, transit passes, excursions, etc.

Please have your passport, health insurance card, flight itinerary, and emergency contact information close at hand while working on the Enrollment Forms.

Once you have entered all necessary fields on a form, you can press any one of the three blue buttons that appear at the bottom of each form. You can either save your data by pressing “save” or “save and next” to save your information and move onto the next form, or, you can press “submit now.” If you choose “submit now,” this will take you to a page where you can review the information that has been entered and submit it to Accent. Once you have submitted the form, you cannot alter the information. You can also submit the forms from the home page. You must submit each individual form to Accent in order for it to be processed.

Yes, you can submit the forms out of order. You can save your progress and return to the forms at a later time. While you can take your time completing the forms, please be sure that they are all submitted by the Enrollment Forms due date.

All forms must be submitted by the Enrollment Forms due date. The only forms that may be allowed to be submitted after the Enrollment Forms due date are the Passport Information, Health Insurance Information, and Arrival Information forms due to the delays that some students experience when arranging and receiving this information. If you are unable to submit a form on time, please contact, and please include your first and last name, university or college and city of the program for which you are enrolling.

Accent will do their best to review your forms upon receipt; however, due to the volume of forms received there can be a delay in this process

You will not receive email notification when individual forms are accepted. You can view the progress of your forms under the “Submitted Forms” section of the participant Portal. When a form is accepted, you will see a green check mark appear next to it. If the submitted forms do not have a green check mark, they have not yet been processed.

If one of your forms is rejected, it will reappear in the “Incomplete Forms” section of the participant Portal home page with a yellow triangle next to it. Please click “view” to complete and submit the form again. At the top of the form you will see a section titled “Notes from Accent” where Accent will explain why your form has been rejected.

If you need to update information after your forms have been submitted, please email

For information about your study abroad program including details about passport requirements, housing information, arrival instructions and more, please review the participant handbook available for download on your participant Portal home page (for participants on programs with UCEAP, handbook information is listed in your UCEAP Portal).

If you are participating in multiple study abroad programs with Accent, you will need to complete Enrollment Forms for each program. On the upper, right-hand side of the participant Portal home page you will see a drop down box titled “Change Program.” This box will allow you to shift between the enrollment materials for each of your programs.

If you need assistance, please call the Accent U.S. Office at 415.835.3744 or email