Semester at
Paris College of Art

Art & Design
Academic year 2023 - 2024

Program Application

Art and Design in Paris

Paris College of Art joins forces with Accent Global Learning to offer an exciting opportunity in Paris for individuals studying at institutions outside of PCA’s exchange and study abroad network. Students will enroll directly at PCA and pursue coursework in art and design, as well as study the French language and explore the local culture.

You are invited to an extraordinary study abroad program for those who wish to cultivate their creative art and design skills while experiencing the culture of Paris.


PCA curriculum spans all areas of art and design, incorporating a focus on social impact through creative, community-based innovation. All curriculum embraces Paris as a classroom, with studio and academic work extending beyond the walls of campus into the city’s streets and squares, museums and galleries. Offering six distinct undergraduate degree programs, PCA curriculum embraces transdisciplinarity and emphasizes dialogue between the arts, sustainability, and core craft and skill development.

Faculty, most of whom are active professionals in their own fields of art and design, guide students through both theory and practice-based coursework that culminates in end-of-semester projects and portfolio development.

PCA Curriculum and Sample Course Offerings

The cornerstone of PCA’s Art & Design education, the interdisciplinary liberal studies and art history courses offer students a strong grasp of the creative world and history of the chosen focus of study. Offerings in history, philosophy, languages and literatures, and sciences ensure that students are able to navigate the complexities of contemporary culture.

  • Paris Yesterday and Tomorrow: History, Art, and Urban Culture
  • Multilingual Paris
  • Modernity and Modernisms
  • History of New Media
  • History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Food, Health, and the Environment

The Communication Design curriculum at PCA, similar to many graphic design and UX programs on U.S. campuses, establishes a solid foundation in visual form and design principles while also addressing the methodologies and issues behind contemporary graphic design. Paris is an internationally renowned hub for artists and designers and PCA offers students a unique opportunity to broaden their cultural and creative perspectives by experiencing graphic design in action through the city’s vibrant community of design professionals.

  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editorial Design

The Fashion Design program at PCA equips students with an understanding of tools, materials, construction techniques, and textile design methods to enable them to express individual creative visions. Beyond the school atelier, workshops with industry professionals and visits to trade fairs, designer shows, and museum exhibitions all foster a keen understanding of the French and European fashion business.

  • Textile Identification
  • Digital Fashion Studio
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Fashion Drawing: Hand
  • 3D Fashion Design
  • Professional Sewing and Stitching

With Paris as its extraordinarily rich cultural setting, the PCA Fine Arts Department promotes the development of artistic skills, the expression of creative processes, and an informed awareness of how art practice intersects with current visual, cultural, and societal concerns.

  • Painting: Interactions
  • Ceramic Sculpture: Materials
  • 4D Studio: Video
  • Performance Art: Exploring the body and live media
  • Sculpture
  • Creative and Experimental Drawing

PCA’s Interior Design program is intended for undergraduate students aiming to become professional interior designers specialized in retail, commercial, exhibition, and event spaces. Interdisciplinary in nature and structure, the studio and the classroom serve as complementary spaces for design thinking and creative expression as well as technical and professional skills development.

  • Permanent Space Design
  • Temporary Space Design
  • Furniture and Display Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Project Communication 3D
  • Architectural Components

PCA’s Photography program combines technical knowledge, principles of photography, and image-making research and theory. Studio classes and labs conducted by professionals emphasize the mastery of contemporary techniques and professional practices, while theory-based and seminar courses help students develop their personal creative visions.

  • Digital Photography Lab
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Large Format Camera Techniques
  • Advanced Printing Techniques
  • Photography and the Marketplace
  • Professional Business Practice

PCA offers four levels of French language courses that include outings such as French wine tasting and visits to sites unique to Paris like the passages couverts – enclosed shopping areas dating from the early 19th century. These outings not only help to improve student’s language skills, but also their general cultural knowledge. In addition, all visiting students enroll in the Paris Inside/Out course, a one-credit course designed to bring students in contact with Paris and its design culture, consisting of visits to art and design exhibits, as well as meetings with artists, artisans and designers in Paris.

  • French for Paris (Beginner)
  • French Language and Culture (Intermediate)
  • Topics in French Civilization, taught in French
  • Langue et littérature françaises, taught in French
  • Paris Inside/Out

Program At A Glance

    Program Price: Fall 2023 $19,600 | Spring 2024 $19,980

  • 12-18 course credits
  • Transferable college credit through Paris College of Art – accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)
  • Housing: choice between single studio in student residence or homestay with a French Family
  • Welcome and farewell meals and cultural activities
  • Medical Insurance
  • 24-hour emergency and counseling support
  • Pre-departure program orientation
  • Overseas information and resource center with Accent Paris on-site staff

  • Small class sizes, close relationships with faculty who lead frequent visits and tours outside the classroom
  • Faculty with extensive research and field experience in their area, many of whom are practicing artists and designers
  • Portfolio development
  • Museums, archives, neighborhood tours, on-site lectures

Students choose between two housing options: residence or homestay. In the residence, students live in single studio apartments. Each studio is equipped with a kitchenette and private bathroom. The residence hosts other U.S. students as well as French and international students.

Students also have the choice of living with a French family in a homestay. This is a unique opportunity to immerse in French language and culture. Homestay placements include four weekly dinners and daily breakfast.

    Fall 2023 Timetable
  • Pre-departure academic orientation: late April
  • Departure from U.S.: August 23
  • Arrival in Paris: August 24
  • Overseas orientation – health, safety, housing: August 25
  • PCA visiting student orientation: August 28 - September 1
  • Classes begin: September 4
  • Final exams and critiques: December 11-15
  • Program ends: December 16
    Spring 2024 Timetable
  • Pre-departure academic orientation: late November
  • Departure from U.S.: January 7
  • Arrival in Paris: January 8
  • Overseas orientation – health, safety, housing: January 9
  • PCA visiting student orientation: January 10-13
  • Classes begin: January 15
  • Spring break: March 4-8
  • Final exams and critiques: May 6-12
  • Program ends: May 12

All participants must check in at Accent Paris Center between 9am and 5pm on the arrival date (Note: most transatlantic flights arrive one day after their departure date). Airfare is not included in the program fee.

Application Procedure and Requirements

Successful candidates must have a least two years of studio courses.
Applications for Fall 2023 are closed.
Applications for Spring 2024 are currently open.
Applications for Fall 2024 will open January 15, 2024.
Deadline for Spring 2024 applicants: October 16, 2023
Deadline for Fall 2024 applicants: March 20, 2024
Application Fee: $50 USD
Within three working days of submitting your application, you will receive an email with access to the PCA application portal. As soon as you are able, and before the portal closure date listed below under deadlines, you should:
·       Submit a Portfolio of 10-15 recent works showing your readiness to undertake the program for which you are applying.
·       Write a Personal Statement (approximately 500 words) elaborating your goals for your time in this program.
·       Submit an official grade report of the most recent two years of study. For the admissions phase this can be an unofficial copy. However, an official copy must be submitted before enrolling in classes.
After submitting all materials to the portal, you will be contacted by your PCA admissions counselor to schedule an interview.
Spring 2024 Deadlines
October 20: Portal closes
October 25: Last day for interviews
October 27: Admissions decision
November 1: $2,000 non-refundable deposit due
Fall 2024 Deadlines
March 25: Portal closes
March 27: Last day for interviews
March 28: Admissions decision
April 5: $2,000 non-refundable deposit due

Payment Schedule

Spring 2024
Non-refundable first payment due November 1, 2023 – $2,000
Second payment due November 15, 2023 – $8,990
Final payment due December 4, 2023 – $8,990
The payment schedule is the applicant’s contractual obligation. Failure to make each payment when due shall automatically cancel participant from the program. All payments are effective the day they are received by the Accent U.S. Office. Accent, in its sole discretion, may reinstate an applicant subject to availability of space and late enrollment fees. The program participant shall be the client of Accent for all purposes.
Program price does not include
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Personal expenses, passports, visas, books, supplies, and anything not listed as included
  • Meals, other than described
  • Travel and personal property insurance


Spring 2024
Cancellation Fees:
Cancellation between November 2nd and November 15th: $2000
Cancellation between November 16th and December 7th: $3000
Cancellation after December 8th: No refund
All cancellations must be made in writing to Accent and are effective the date of receipt by Accent. Participants are liable for payments until written cancellation is received by Accent.
The health and wellbeing of all students, faculty and staff are paramount to Accent Global Learning. Accent has worked with a Medical Advisor following WHO and local health authority guideline to put protocols in place. Students will learn about Covid-19 related protocols, health resources and local regulations through pre-departure materials and in on-site orientations.
All participants are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
Should a participant test positive for Covid-19, they will be required to self-isolate at their own expense.

At any point before or during the program, should PCA or Accent’s protocols deem necessary to cancel the program for any health or safety reasons, Accent and PCA will attempt to refund all recoverable fees and costs.


Contact Sarah Christofides, Senior Academic Programs Coordinator


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