25 Distinct Programs

Building on fifteen years of collaboration with MSU on faculty-led programming in Florence, Paris, and Rome, Accent was selected to take on the university’s large portfolio of faculty-directed London summer programs.

MSU’s London portfolio includes an average of twenty-five programs every summer, each of which is led by one or two faculty.

Unique Relationships
MSU’s London programs span departments university-wide and include diverse topics such as nursing, environmental policy, forensic anthropology, and media studies. Accent has unique relationships with each program’s faculty director. Some directors want a curriculum design partner. Others want to leverage our experience and contacts to enrich their courses with site visits and local experts. Others simply want logistical support.

Comprehensive Logistics

In addition to booking special access visits to museums, custom walking tours, and guest lecturers from the Accent London network, we provide housing, on-site student orientation, emergency services, and logistical support for each group. Together the groups total approximately 400 students and over 30 faculty each summer.

Other Faculty-Directed Programs