Intensive and Experiential

Penn Global Seminars combine intensive semester-long study with a short-term
travel component that deepens students’ understanding of concepts discussed in the classroom.

For its Paris seminars, Penn chose to partner with Accent.

High-Level Support

Penn’s faculty directors rely on Accent for pre-program planning and communication and support on-site throughout the semester. Penn faculty coordinate the academics and outreach to local speakers and institutions for these recurring high-level, experiential seminars:

  • “Paris under the German Occupation and Its Places in [Non-] Memory” focuses on understanding the dark historical period of WWII France through the study of the visible and invisible traces left on French memory and the Parisian landscape.
  • “The Making of Modern Paris” traces the people, ideas, and projects that contributed to the city’s reputation, through an exploration of the built environment as expressed in literature and urban planning projects of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Other Faculty-Directed Programs

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