Ingenious Engineering

Rotating Locations
The University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering partners with Accent in this summer program coveted by engineering majors.

Chosen through multiple rounds of interviews, USC selects a highly motivated cohort of 35 to 50 students. Rotating teams of USC faculty teach two engineering courses and a technical writing core requirement and students earn credits toward their major.

Country-Specific Innovation

Each year, the program is hosted at a different Accent Study Center — Paris, Florence, London, Madrid, Rome. Local Accent faculty design and teach an experiential history elective, which challenges the novice engineers to switch gears and contemplate their host city through a different disciplinary lens. The course highlights historical and contemporary models of engineering, innovation, and technology in the local context.

One of the program’s features, also organized by Accent, is a visit to a country-specific engineering project, such as the largest tide-generated electricity grid and the high-speed rail network in France, Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence, Calatrava’s bridge in Venice, London’s Tower Bridge, the Madrid Río project, and the Roman aqueducts.

Other Faculty-Directed Programs

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