Tailored for Multiple Academic Departments

Curriculum integration distinguishes the University of Minnesota’s custom “Study & Intern in Florence” semester program.

Each experiential course was developed in partnership with a particular campus department or program to meet UMN’s major requirements while supporting the University’s globalization initiatives.

Cross Campus Collaboration
Local Accent faculty collaborated with UMN’s Learning Abroad Center and the university’s schools and colleges to design the curriculum. Courses fall within broad categories of Business/Communication and Social Sciences and are curated by an Accent academic coordinator. Nearly 100 students regularly enroll.

Credit Internships

For-credit internship placements have included working with an international art gallery, public schools, a boutique event planner, fashion designers, local artisans, cooking schools, an English-language newspaper, NGOs, marketing and web agencies, real estate agencies, and a developmental psychology research group. An accompanying course, Internships in Florence: A Comparative Approach to the Italian Workforce, explores the cultural, economic and historical factors impacting work in Italy and the UMN Learning Abroad Center frequently involves the campus career office in program reviews and staff trainings in Florence.

Other Internship Programs

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