Program Application

East Tennessee State University
Summer 2024 Rome Interior Design Program
May 20 – June 28, 2024

Please complete this application and submit the non-refundable $250 first payment as soon as possible. Upon receipt of your application and first payment, Accent Global Learning will send you additional application and enrollment forms.
Applications must be received by March 10, 2024.

Program Price: $7,110

Program Price Includes:
Double/triple occupancy rooms in a shared student apartment in a residence in Rome
Overseas orientation program
Practical walking tour in Rome
Vatican Museum and Galleria Borghese tours
Gelato crawl
One-day trips to Castello di Bracciano, Florence and Tivoli
Three-day, two-night excursion to Vicenza/Venice
(excursions are chosen based on the academic curriculum and are subject to change)
Overseas information and resource center with Accent Rome on-site staff
Rome transit pass
Transatlantic airfare is not included in the program fee.
All participants must check in at the designated arrival point on May 20, 2024 between 9am and 5pm
(Note: most transatlantic flights arrive one day after their departure date).

Payment Schedule
Non-refundable first payment – $250
Final payment due March 10, 2024 – $6,860
The payment schedule is the applicant’s contractual obligation. Failure to make each payment when due shall automatically cancel participant from the program one week after payment due date. All payments are effective the day they are received by the Accent U.S. Office. Accent, in its sole discretion, may reinstate an applicant subject to availability of space and late enrollment fees. Accent charges a $30 bounced check fee for each check received that is not promptly paid by your bank in the normal course of business. The program price is based on 8 participants, the price may change depending on final enrollment.

Cancellation Fees:
71 days or more prior to start of program – $250
50 to 70 days prior to start of program – $760
31 to 49 days prior to start of program – $1,045
0 to 30 days prior to start of program – No Refund
All cancellations must be made in writing to Accent and the East Tennessee State University and are effective the date of receipt by Accent. Participants are liable for payments until written cancellation is received by Accent.
Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended, this link provides a summary on the different types of trip cancellation insurance available. Please take the time to evaluate your options.
Before the start date of the program, should ETSU’s protocols deem necessary to cancel the program for any health or safety reasons, Accent Global Learning will refund recoverable program costs only.

Accent Global Learning is not responsible for the academic segment of the program except as specified in the contract between Accent and East Tennessee State University. Nor is Accent responsible for airline delays of any kind, or for expenses or loss incurred as a result of such delays. With regard to transportation/travel, regardless of the type of vehicle, Accent acts for the passenger as agent only. Accent assumes no liability for accident, injury, damage, or loss in any vehicle, or as a result of default by any person or company engaged in transporting the passenger. CST #1013432-40.