Open Enrollment Programs

A number of Accent’s partners open their programs to students
from across the country. Which program is right for you?

Summer 2024                     Semester Programs

Summer 2024

Summer in Florence with the Coast Community College District

Spend the Summer in Florence with the Coast Community College District (Orange Coast College) and Accent. Florence becomes an extension of your classroom as you explore Florentine cathedrals, monuments, churches, museums and galleries while attending language classes at the Accent Florence Study Center with CCCD faculty. Participants on the Summer in Florence Program live in student apartments or in homestays (with supplement) located throughout the city. The Accent Florence Study Center also provides support and guidance to students on each of its programs.

Visit the program page for more information.

Semester Programs

Semester at Paris College of Art

Paris College of Art joins forces with Accent Global Learning to offer an exciting opportunity in Paris for individuals studying at institutions outside of PCA’s exchange and study abroad network. Students will enroll directly at PCA and pursue coursework in art and design, as well as study the French language and explore the local culture.

You are invited to an extraordinary study abroad program for those who wish to cultivate their creative art and design skills while experiencing the culture of Paris. Visit the program page for more information.

Art + Design | SACI Florence

The new art and design program emphasizes the relationship between creative practices, contemporary discourses, and historical context. Through technical and conceptual research across disciplines, students develop a complex visual language capable of addressing broader cultural, political, social concerns. Students are encouraged to explore various research methodologies, learning from the past to explore the questions of our time. A diverse faculty and student body create a vibrant learning environment. Visit the program page for more information.