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Fall 2022                      Spring 2023

Fall 2022

Art, Photography & Film Fall Semester in Paris and Rome with Santa Barbara City College

September 1 – November 26, 2022

The Fall 2022 Paris and Rome Program is a unique opportunity to explore two of the world’s greatest capitals through the prism of art, photography, and film.

The journey will begin in September in Paris. During the first half of this semester-length program, you will explore Paris, the City of Lights. It is also the birthplace of the influential French “New Wave” film movement and home to the Cinematheque Français, which houses one of the world’s most extensive motion picture archives.

At the midpoint of the program you will have a week to travel on your own and will reconvene in Rome, where you will continue film studies and photography courses and study conversational Italian with a local instructor. The Eternal City of Rome is one of the original centers of cinema and host to the legendary film studios of Cinecittá.

Visit the Santa Barbara City College program page for more information.

Spring 2023

Semester at Paris College of Art

January 9 – May 14, 2023

Paris College of Art joins forces with Accent Global Learning to offer an exciting opportunity in Paris for individuals studying at institutions outside of PCA’s exchange and study abroad network. Students will enroll directly at PCA and pursue coursework in art and design, as well as study the French language and explore the local culture.

You are invited to an extraordinary study abroad program for those who wish to cultivate their creative art and design skills while experiencing the culture of Paris.

Visit the Spring Paris College of Art program page for more information.

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