Our unshakeable DNA puts you and your students first.

Who We Are

For over 30 years we have been a behind-the-
scenes force working with colleges, universities, and university systems to achieve their missions more effectively and economically through the thoughtful, strategic use of global education.
With pedagogical expertise, deep local networks, and unparalleled customization and care,
we extend each institution’s ability to deliver meaningful global learning opportunities
and outcomes.

Our Vision

To redefine modern global learning for
academically driven, career-driven, diverse students — diverse in every way from sociodemographics to fields of study.

Our Values

As a wise and trusted ally, we put our
partners and their students first. We lead with uncompromising integrity, care, generosity, intelligence, and reliability.

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How Accent became Accent

Our founder Ray Vernon’s driving vision has always been to open students’ minds to a diverse world, inspiring them to help make that world a better place for all. 

In 1975, he launched an association to assist U.S. college students abroad. He later formed a European network of study abroad centers called Opportunities in International Learning based in Paris. In 1991, that network officially became Accent. At the time, Accent hosted over 450 students and 25 programs. 

Today — with a U.S. Office to support U.S. institutions and students at home, Study Centers in Paris, Florence, London, Madrid, Rome and Sicily and plans for more — Accent now engages 4,000 students in 190 programs from 60 different academic institutions in global learning.  

Accent’s growth and success are rooted in deep institutional partnerships and a wide variety of innovative programs, a number of which span more than a decade. We continue to be inspired by the idea at the heart of our founding — our belief that global learning is essential to achieving higher education’s most noble goals.

The Founder’s Prize 

The Founder’s Prize is crafted to carry on Ray’s enduring impact on international education, serving as a fitting tribute and celebration of his accomplishments.

The prize aims to encourage and empower upcoming change-makers whose academic and professional pursuits will contribute to innovative and sustainable solutions for complex global challenges.

Annually, two prizes of $5,000 each will be awarded—one for students committed to Entrepreneurship, and another for those actively involved in studying and applying principles of Community Engagement and Leadership.

Those of you who wish to contribute to Ray’s legacy and help support the Founder’s Prize may donate online.

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