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Our Neighborhood

Accent is in the Bastille area, a central neighborhood filled with cafés, quiet residential squares, lively commercial avenues, and one of the best Paris markets — Marche d’Aligre. Located on the Right Bank, our 11th arrondissement has recently become even more popular for its galleries, boutiques, and food scene.

The Study Center

Tucked into a courtyard off the historic Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Accent occupies a light-filled, two-story historic building that once served as the industrial space for one of the many furniture makers for which this district of Paris was known. In addition to regular Study Center amenities, this center includes studios for courses in architecture, art, and design. 

Global Learning in Paris

Each year, Accent Paris supports more than 40 customized study abroad programs. Our partners include University of California Education Abroad Program, University of Southern California, Purdue University, Duke University, Coast Community College District, and many more. Academic highlights include:

  • Opportunities in directed research related to migration in France and on a global scale, involving Paris-based academics and related research centers and NGOs.
  • Paris as a capital of sustainability and progressive climate policy, studying France’s role in negotiating proactive and impactful global responses to confront climate change and the municipal, regional and national policies in place to start with a local impact.
  • Paris as a business capital and EU economic leader, with local faculty, customized courses, and experiential learning opportunities covering organizational behavior, CSR, luxury marketing, and more. 
  • Special-access visits and customized tours for groups studying Art History, Architecture, and specialized topics like the History of Medicine with an Accent Program Coordinator who is also a licensed tour guide with the French Ministry of Culture. 

Paris Highlights

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Center Director

Melissa Smith-Simonet

Paris Center Director

Melissa leads a multinational team of administrative staff and faculty, and is responsible for the management and administration of programs in Paris. Originally from New York, Melissa first visited Paris as an undergraduate at State University of New York. After completing her degree, she began working with Ray Vernon in Paris and has been with Accent from the very beginning. An active member of the Association for American University Programs in France (APUAF), she served on the organization’s board of directors for seven years. Meet the Paris team.

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