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Our Neighborhood

The Study Center is located in Oltrarno, widely considered the best-preserved of the city’s four historic quartieri and a favorite residential neighborhood for locals. Located on the “other”
side of the Arno River, the area is home to many artisan workshops and our Piazza Santo Spirito is a common meeting place for local students. Just steps from Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens, the Study Center is within comfortable walking distance to Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the picturesque Florentine countryside.

The Study Center

Housed within Palazzo Guadagni, a 16th century landmark home of the Florentine Renaissance, the Florence Study Center features restored frescoed ceilings and ornate gated doors. Along with regular Study Center amenities there is space available here for studio-based courses in architecture, art, and design.

Global Learning in Florence

Each year, the Florence team supports more than 25 customized study abroad programs. Our partners include the University of California Education Abroad Program, University of Minnesota, Texas Christian University, Michigan State University, Coast Community College District, and many more. Academic highlights include:

  • In-depth study of the Made in Italy brand through the lens of business, sociology or history.
  • Opportunities to develop hybrid semesters with the University of Florence including architecture and design, geography, and human anatomy.
  • Extensive networks of scholars, producers, and NGOs to support the study of agriculture, Italian food culture, and sustainability. 
  • A vast network of internships placements in diverse fields including arts and culture management, marketing, event planning, community health, and education.

Florence Highlights

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Center Director

Michelangelo D'Elia

Florence Center Director

Michelangelo is responsible for the management and administration of all Accent programs in Florence. He has extensive experience managing education abroad programs, having worked for years at Accent Rome before the move to Florence. Michelangelo was born in southern Italy, but completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Bologna’s Rimini campus, during which he completed a year studying in Sweden at the University of Uppsala. Later, Michelangelo completed an exchange program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as international internships in Florida and Dublin. Prior to returning to Italy, he worked in administration in the Department of Romance Languages at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Meet the Florence Team.

Associate Center Director

Francesca Pannozzo

Associate Center Director

Francesca manages Center responsibilities and facilitates successful Accent programs in Florence. Francesca is the main contact for U.S. partner institutions while planning for programs in Florence and oversees daily operations at Accent Florence. Born in southern Tuscany, she moved to Florence for her university studies, completing a BA in political science and MA in international relations and European studies. As a student, Francesca studied for one year in Brussels and later completed an internship in Plymouth (U.K.).  

Center Information

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Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm