New Internship Opportunities in London

Participating in an internship while studying abroad offers an excellent opportunity to gain relevant work experience and broaden your horizons in a new environment. To provide engaging and high-level internship opportunities, the Accent London Study Center now has a dedicated Internship Manager, Jo MacCrimmon.

Using her established network of business connections, Jo can focus on any particular field, increasing the variety of positions and industries available for students. Her expertise has helped Accent deliver a more personalized internship experience, an opportunity that cannot typically be replicated on campus. 

As with all programs designed in partnership with Accent, internship programs are customized in cooperation with our partner universities. A workforce course will run alongside the internship to help the student reflect on their experience and the skills they are developing.  

This summer, the Accent London team welcomed a new business program from Washington & Lee University: 16 students came to London for a study abroad program which included a part time internship of 20 hours a week for seven weeks. These students had diverse interests, ranging from finance and business to politics and art history, and Jo sourced placements relevant to their personal career goals. 

WL student Charlie worked for a community charity and was involved in many projects, including preparing research reports for steering group meetings, organized promotion for wellbeing groups, and performed IT migration and general digital support. Being involved with an NGO was an incredibly rewarding experience, and the diverse tasks meant he developed a wide range of transferable skills. 

Mary Morgan, another WL student, worked for a start-up organisation within the sustainability sector. Working in a small team allowed her to have one-on-one time with the founders, providing her a firm understanding of business development, market research, and strategy. She worked from a co-working space where she was able to network with a number of different businesses using the space.  

London is an excellent venue for an internship, as the shared language helps students to settle in, while cultural differences help foster both professional and personal development. The Accent Internship Manager is on hand to support the students through the application process and will attend on-site visits to see the student in situ. This enables the student to immerse themselves fully into the experience knowing they have all the support required to get the best from their work placements. 

Customized semester programs abroad with Accent can be developed to include internship placements that match the interests and preparation of diverse student groups. To plan your internship program today, please reach out to the Accent Development team at