Accent at a Glance

Updates and news from our teams –

  • Washington University Olin Business School students in London visited a shipping warehouse for Amazon, a corporation known for its cult of secrecy, as part of a Supply Chain Management course with professor Imran Butt
  • Justin E. H. Smith, local faculty for the University of California in Paris, will discuss his recent publication Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference: Race in Early Modern Philosophy (Yale University Press) at a lecture for local and visiting faculty at ACCENT Paris in June; the text explores the origins of philosophical and scientific views of human racial difference
  • After ten years of partnership on custom, faculty-led programs in Paris, Florence, and Rome, ACCENT looks forward to collaborating with Michigan State University to support more than twenty-five faculty-led programs this summer in London
  • In July, Accent Rome will begin renovations to incorporate a teaching kitchen on the lower floor of the Study Center, ready to host cooking classes as part of Anthropology and Food Studies courses as well as the Study Center’s cultural activity series