Accent London: A Day Trip to Bath

This week, Colgate University student Ethan So reflects upon the natural beauty, historical significance, and architectural wonder he discovered on his recent day trip to Bath.

As part of our study abroad in London, we visited Bath. I had first heard about the city through Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It was only a short train ride away and a great site for a day trip. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its natural assets—the hills and hot springs—and its cultural significance.

Throughout the day, we observed Bath’s beautiful architecture. All the buildings in the city are constructed from ‘bath stone’, a gorgeous pale-yellow limestone. It practically glows in the sunlight and exemplifies the architectural style of Bath. We visited the Bath Circus and Royal Crescent, extravagant areas displaying the quality of British design.

For the second half of the day, we toured the Roman baths. The museum was excellent, and our tour guide walked us through the archaeology and history of the area. There is a lot to be understood about how past societies lived, and what they believed about culture and religion. The hot springs we walked around were considered sacred sites for over two millennia, and various structures honoring that significance had been built, fallen, and rebuilt in this exact spot.

Personally, I really enjoyed the scenery surrounding Bath. From the gardens, you can see how the city and the greenery that surrounds the region have expanded along the hills. It’s gorgeous, and completely worth a day trip.

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