New Models and Curricular Innovation

Paris, Florence, London, Madrid, Rome, Sicily

For nearly two decades, UCEAP and Accent have been working together to develop and introduce new global learning models. We have helped UCEAP design and launch thematic, multi-site programs responsive to the needs of all UC campuses served by UCEAP. Programs such as:

  • Mediterranean Politics, Food & Culture (Florence, Sicily, Barcelona)
  • Social Justice and Activism (Paris)
  • Business & Entrepreneurship (London) 
  • Global Cities Urban Realities (London and Paris)
  • European Transformations (Madrid and Rome) 
  • STEM intensives (Rome)
  • Physics (Rome)
  • Python Coding & Data Analytics (Madrid) 

In addition to partnering on curriculum design, Accent’s health, safety, and risk management policies have been developed to mirror and complement UCEAP policies and we conduct shared trainings. The Accent leadership team and UCEAP’s leadership and operations teams also meet annually in a multi-day retreat to ensure the continued excellence and innovation of our programs.

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