Mediterranean Politics, Food and Culture

Barcelona, Florence, Syracuse
This thematic, interdisciplinary semester program brings students to three dynamic European cities to study the role of agriculture and food consumption in the formation and evolution of Mediterranean culture.

In the context of each unique host-region — Catalonia, Tuscany, and Sicily — students explore the social and political complexities of the Mediterranean through the lens of food and nutrition, analyzing the factors that unify the region, its culture and cuisine.

Experiential Courses
Topics of study include migration and urbanization, global trade relations, cultural identity, and sustainability. Experiential courses include visits to food producers and local markets, tastings, on-site lectures and walking tours, visits to museums and government offices, and meetings with NGOs among other offerings.

Simultaneous Cohorts

Developed with local faculty in the three host cities, the program is a 15-week semester with 5-week segments in each city: Barcelona, Florence, Syracuse. Each of three cohorts composed of 25-30 students start the program in a different city.

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