Allied Engineering


Texas A&M is regularly ranked one of the top sending universities of U.S. students abroad and its College of Engineering is one of the most highly-rated the country. In the summer of 2014, TAMU professor Luca Quadrifoglio from the Zachry Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering chose to partner with Accent on a faculty-directed summer program in Rome. The innovative partnership has evolved with each passing year.

Today, that original summer program has grown into a full spring semester. The program is a partnership between TAMU, Accent, and Roma Tre University, Rome’s youngest public research university with an urban campus in the heart of the central Ostiense neighborhood.

The program brings U.S. and Italian students together in 300-level courses taught in English by TAMU and Roma Tre faculty, all carefully chosen to reflect TAMU curriculum and support students’ degree progression. Curricular study tours throughout Italy explore course themes including Geology and Civil Engineering. Students may opt for an internship with local Engineering firms or research placement with Roma Tre graduate students.

Accent and TAMU work together on recruiting and retention through a coordinated outreach campaign with regular student mailings and webinars. Accent facilitates all extra and co-curricular aspects of the programming and the Rome Study Center acts as a home base for TAMU students and faculty.

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