Accent London: On-Site Learning and a Day at the Beach

This week, Golden West College student Makenna DeLeu reflects on her time in London this summer, including a memorable trip to Brighton.

Before arriving in London for the study abroad program, I was a little nervous because of the new things I would have to learn and become accustomed to. Accent has made this journey really inviting. The first week was a bit rocky due to jet lag and learning how to jump on and off the bus, which isn’t easy the first few times, but I got used to it! Accent has a lot of resources, which made my experience ten times better because they helped me find which tube line to take or exactly how to get to the airport when I needed it.

One of the field trips for my class was going to Brighton Beach, which was one of my favorites! We got to explore the Royal Pavilion, walk down the pebble beach, and look at all the interesting shops. I loved Brighton because it gave us a chance to venture further from London and explore new areas of the U.K. Field trips are very fun and informative because you have a history expert right there with you the whole time, so you can ask questions and get more involved. I loved going on field trips, especially Hampton Court, Churchill’s Bunker, and Brighton Beach because what I learned in class was then explained in the actual museum or area where it really happened.

I also went on a few trips outside of the program itself, which is a really great way to get the feel of traveling independently without really being alone. I explored France, Scotland, and Amsterdam with a small group of friends and it was incredible. Overall, I don’t know why I was so nervous before this trip. It has been a spectacular experience thanks to Professor Moore, Accent, and all my new friends. ~Makenna DeLeu, Golden West College

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