Coveted Media Experience

London, Rome
In this program, Annenberg’s PR, Communication and Journalism majors work with media professionals as they satisfy major requirements and gain internship experience that sets them apart from their peers.

Local expert faculty — all of whom are accomplished professionals in the fields of journalism, public relations, and communication — have tailored Annenberg’s campus-based courses to the local cultural context and media ecosystem in London and Rome.

Top Professional Contacts

In both programs, courses are enhanced by a regular series of local media guest speakers and field visits with professionals from organizations such as the BBC, The Guardian, and the 10 Downing Street communication team in London, and Vatican Radio, The Post International, and The Daily Beast in Rome.

Sicily Workshop
Our Sicily Center for Field Studies also opened the way for students to apply lessons from their host-city context to Sicily through meetings with local journalists who report on organized crime, migrant-serving NGOs addressing the representation of the migrant crisis in the media, and local professionals working on product and tourism communication strategy.

Other Signature Semesters