Competitive Business Internships in London

Olin’s London semester is part of an extensive portfolio of programs in partnership with Accent. The London program features upper-level Olin business courses, a full-time business internship, and research project.

Full-time Internship
Students spend the first part of their program enrolled in a series of business courses including core graduation requirements and international business electives in preparation for a 10-week internship. Placements have included boutique and multinational consulting firms, accounting firms, financial services, national NGOs, and professional sports teams. Throughout the semester, students are paired with an Accent London faculty member for a directed research project often connected to the student’s internship field.

Multi-City Experience

Accent faculty also coordinates Olin’s signature “European Study Tour” for all of the school’s programs in Europe. Student pairs are assigned a European country and policy research focus, later spending three days in their country’s capital to meet with policymakers and business leaders. The research and consulting project culminates with the whole Olin group converging in Brussels for workshops and student research presentations.

Other Internship Programs

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