Two Cities with Internship

Madrid, Rome
This dual-city quarter program introduces students to the social, economic, and political changes underway in Spain and Italy.

Courses are taught in English and the two-city model has proven very attractive to students who want to study in Europe without being tied to language instruction.

Optional Internship
After five weeks each in Rome and Madrid, students elect to stay for an additional five weeks, completing a full semester while undertaking an internship. Accent’s internship coordinators make the internship placements and students also take a workforce course. In Madrid, placements have included NGOs (women’s rights, environment, various diaspora communities, Red Cross), as well as working with a film producer, startup hub, public schools, genetics lab, and communication and marketing agencies. In Rome, students have interned with English-language publications, media agencies, architecture studios, specialized tourism companies, and local artisans.

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